I love my singing lessons! Katina is an incredibly gifted teacher – deeply attuned to the individual, brilliantly insightful in her guidance and full of warmth and encouragement. She has not only greatly improved my singing technically and helped me gain confidence in performing, but Katina has also introduced me to an inspiring repertoire from Bach, to Britten to Bernstein, stretching and developing my musicality, and all while having lots of fun along the way. My weekly lessons with Katina have been so uplifting and have helped me in many other areas of my life too – confidence, creativity, managing stress. It’s been a wonderful journey so far. Rebecca, Writer and Performer

Katina is the best singing teacher I have had. She helped me to become a singer and the lessons are so much fun! Ed O’Brien, Radiohead

Katina leads excellent sessions in singing confidence and singing pedagogy for student music teachers who are preparing to embark on a classroom teaching career in secondary schools. Katina has really encouraged student music teachers to feel much more confident in using and understanding their own voices when teaching class singing. Kate Laurence, PGCE Secondary Subject Leader for Music, Institute of Education

I love singing with Katina. By inspiring confidence, she manages to make the sessions both joyful and rigorous. And thanks to her I now understand how my body works as an instrument. She makes me want to aim high! Emma, teacher

Katina has helped me to understand and use my voice as my instrument which has noticeably lead to a richer quality of sound. She is extremely professional and her lessons are a lot of fun, a real treat! Martina, Musician

Katina has the gift of being incredibly kind while being straight talking. She also has a cracking sense of humour! This skilful combination of characteristics makes me less self- conscious which allows me to push myself just that bit further with my singing. Rebecca, alternative RnB artist

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